Sifu Leona Cheng
3rd Degree Black Belt

Sifu Leona Cheng, 3rd Degree Black Belt has been training under the instruction of Professor Teodora Ildefonzo-Olmo since 2004.

Sifu Cheng is a San Francisco Native, born and raised in Visitation Valley. She studied Biology at Manhattanville Colleague and is currently working in research. On her spare time, she enjoys traveling, learning languages and creating ceramic art pieces.

Shaolin Kenpo has helped mold her into the person that she is today. To Sifu, Shaolin Kenpo, is more than self defense. Shaolin Kenpo is a family: "One where we can meet goals and progress together. We can also rely on each other for knowledge and support". Shaolin Kenpo has conditioned her to practice respect, responsibility, mindfulness and discipline in all aspects of her life, allowing her to persevere through any life challenges. Her journey has been rewarding and she is grateful for the lessons learned. Sifu is honored to be able to help pass on the traditions.